The Land in Between

“Rarely in one’s reviewing career does a new book arrive as an instant, recognizable classic. However, The Land In Between: The Upper St. John Valley, Prehistory to World War I comes remarkably close to that designation. This is a big, substantive work that is so well-organized, it reads like a dream.” — William David Barry, Maine Sunday Telegram’


“In the introduction, the authors state, “While we hope that The Land in Between contributes significantly to an understanding and appreciation for the people of the upper St. John Valley, we know full well that it is not a ‘complete’ history.” It may not be. However, it is in many respects a definitive history, likely to stand for generations, as few localities in northeastern North America can boast such a deeply researched and professionally presented general history.”– Bill Parenteau, Professor of History at the University of New Brunswick and Editor of Acadiensis